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You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance Rating: 2. This makes me wonder if I would have had a different reaction to the book had I begun the series from the beginning. The novel begins with Megan Moraine, shadow wolf, on the run with her two young cousins, Jillian and Jennifer.

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In this paranormal romance, Shadow Wolves are werewolves who can turn invisible. Years ago, they migrated to an island to escape persecution from other Draicon wolves, but when a few shadow wolves tried to out all werewolves to humans, the Draicons decided to imprison Shadow Wolves on the island.

Megan has escaped from the island with her 7 year old cousins to return the girls to their father. Can the two find safety while battling an overwhelming attraction?

As I mentioned earlier, the writing flows smoothly and the pacing is well done in the novel, so Ms. Vanak is clearly an experienced writer. Unfortunately, several of the tropes that appear throughout the book are my least favorite in paranormal romance. I just find that hard to believe, but even though Megan is exhausted and starving from being on the run with her 7 year old cousins, she feels an immediate attraction to Gabriel and sparks fly.

So this just felt like one more coincidence among many that pop up throughout the book.

Shadow Wolves | Travel | Smithsonian

Speaking of coincidences, they occur so frequently throughout the novel that it strained my credulity more than once. The further I read the more incredulous I got, because special powers and creatures with different abilities seem to appear at random as needed. Where did this come from? He appears at pivotal moments in the text when the plot seems to have stalled a bit and finagles events to achieve the happy ending for everyone. I found him to be incredibly frustrating, because just when the author seems to have written herself into a corner, he magically appears and straightens everyone out.

Her being a virgin adds nothing to the plot or characterization whatsoever and strains belief. After that I just had to put the book down and walk away, because it was just too ridiculous for words. Clearly I was not a fan of this book.

It felt too contrived and over the top. I received this book for review from the Publisher through NetGalley. I bit my nails, ground my teeth and flipped through the pages at a furious clip because I never knew what was going to happen next and the suspense kept me glued to my chair. The Shadow Wolf has the emotional punch to make what happens to the hero and heroine matter to a reader. Right off the bat, Ms. Vanak introduced characters that would appeal to a reader. The first chapter presented the main players who have the most to lose and gain during the course of this story and sets up the initial conflict between the hero and heroine.

Oh, my gosh! That really twists the knife. And now I understand all the ramifications. Oh poor, Gabriel. Yes, Ms. Vanak created characters I cared about. Once the hero, Gabriel bared his heart, there was only one option open to me and that was to fall in love with him too. I wanted to hug him, care for him and wanted him to be happy.

He eventually gets all those things from Megan, the heroine but not without some seriously suspenseful and heartbreaking moments along the way. She has been hurt so much and so badly, trusting someone else is a huge stumbling block for her. And yet, for all her doubts and fears, she tentatively reaches out to Gabriel and the action begins. The twins are adorable and important. The suspense of not knowing who to trust, why what is happening is happening and will they get away and survive intact is a constant.

Not knowing if both Gabriel and Megan can get beyond their own fears and reach out to the other is another effective hook in this story. What is really going on and why everything is so perverted is another question to be answered. So many threads weave through this book and Ms. Eventually everything comes to light in a spectacular confrontation. There are different levels of secondary characters and some are more important than others.

The most fascinating for me was Tristan. The others have supporting roles or shed light on the hero. The conflicts are many but the solution comes down to a decision that only Megan and Gabriel can make. Once they do, it was thrilling to see the intense and volatile scenes that followed.

And it was a WOW! Never saw that coming and it made me wonder why they were hunted in the first place. Something tells me it was the other nasties that arranged it all those many years ago. Interesting thought and it makes sense. The happily ever after is tender, sweet and well earned. In fact it was the icing on the cake. Right before the charming part, their coming together was its own happy ever after and it was sensual, poignant and well written. The Shadow Wolf is one heck of a ride that will leave a reader breathless. I think my TMJ got a workout from all the teeth clenching I did during the suspenseful parts — of which there were many.

This story has dark depths and a meaty plot sure to appeal to paranormal romantic suspense readers who look for a quality written story. The editing is perfect, the characters extremely well formed and the dynamics between the hero and heroine are wonderful. I was thoroughly entertained and can say with all confidence that readers are in for a treat and a great read when they pick up their own copy of The Shadow Wolf. Jun 13, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , family-issues , child-or-children-play-a-big-part , arc-review-held , secret-identity , netgalley , steam-level-steamy , werewolves-or-other-shape-shifters , on-the-run , read.

This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. Why then is Megan so attracted to her enemy—a wolf who hunts his own people? In a world where werewolves thrive in secret side-by-side to their human counterparts, some wolves are treated as third-class citizens. The Shadow wolves, who have the ability not only to perform magic at a young age but can literally make themselves invisible, are both feared and reviled. After an uprising-gone-wrong, they are rounded up concentration-camp style onto an island where they are treated as the lowliest of the low. Having no rights, forced to wear identifying uniforms, and absolutely forbidden to shift, they are forbidden to leave the island on which they've been imprisoned.

To ensure their compliance, a hefty bounty has been placed on the head of any escaped Shadow, and Enforcers are free to rape, abuse, and even murder the escaped Shadows as they see fit. Megan Moraine is determined to give her young twin cousins a better life than the one they can come to expect on the island. On the run, they are captured by the ruthless Gabriel Robichaux -- an Enforcer with a reputation for torturing his prisoners before brutally murdering them.

Megan knows that their only chance to avoid a horrible fate is to escape from Gabriel's clutches, but she cannot deny the sizzling attraction between them.

Gabriel's gruesome reputation makes him one feared and respected Enforcers. However, Gabriel has a secret that could destroy everything he's worked for.

Unable to deny an instinctive need to protect Megan and the little girls tagging along with her, he knows that turning traitor and helping them would not only make him as hunted as they are, but would actually result in torture and castration if he is captured. Will he be willing to risk everything for a woman who may never be able to trust him? Overall, I enjoyed it, but the ending pretty much ruined it for me.

Utilizing some of my favorite romance tropes, such as fated-to-be-mated, being on the run, and enemies to lovers, I really loved the first part of the novel.

Feel every word with award-winning performances

However, once Tristan got involved, things felt very rushed and just overly convenient, which rather ruined things for me. In the end, I would recommend this one to fans of fated mates, of enemies to lovers, and fans of having to cope with societal prejudices and bring about change. Unfortunately, Tristan plays a big part of that story as well, with the same results, leaving my final rating for both stories at 3. Jun 14, Scooper Speaks rated it liked it. Not different, but feared, taunted and shunned by ordinary Draicon.

Tired of being treated as inferior, Shadow Wolves had retreated to a small Caribbean island to raise their young. The Shadow Wolf is a book about what happens when fear and prejudice rears its ugly heads. The Shadow Wolves are shifters capable of accessing their magic earlier in life than other shifters known as the Draicon.

They can also make themselves invisible. Shadow Wolves have always been feared, but the fear aimed toward them has translated into hatred. The Shadow Wolves' island home is now a prison. Atrocity after atrocity is forced upon the Shadow Wolves. The heroine, Megan, has escaped the island prison with her seven-year-old twin cousins only to find her mate is the enemy.

Gabriel has faced fear and hatred and barely survived. He knows far more than Megan thinks about the effects of prejudice, but hides the very personal memories of those moments. Despite being the alpha of all alphas, he is a vulnerable man in need of love.