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Proboscis worm 5. Sand dollars are freaky 6. Planarians regrow their bodies 7. Octopus, Making Contact. With special guests Katy Stoll and Cody Johnston. Study on redness and association with sex 2. Snub nosed monkeys 3. Bearded vulture makeup 4. Baboon utopian society 5. Testosterone not correlated with attractiveness 6. Races do not differ genetically 7. Whoops, sometimes snakes have legs 9. Horses with extra hooves Neural crest cells are what make dogs so cute Pseudoscience whistleblowers Hey, guess what? Physiognomy is still dumb! Darwin almost thwarted by pseudoscience. Animals eating other animals eating other animals!

Humans eating well… some pretty freaky things. Discover this and more as we answer the age old question: is cannibalism good for you? With special guest Smart Mouth's Katherine Spiers. A lotl Axolotl 2. Greenland sharks 3. Horrifying Fine Dining Lovers article 4. Vilhjalmur Stefansson 5. Butterflies drinking turtle tears 6. Tear drinking moths harassing birbs 7. Vegan ortolan 8. Marijuana-fed pigs 9. Potato-washing macaques Red colobus monkeys detoxing Peruvian parrots eating dirt Spices as defensive weapons Blind snakes survive being eaten and escapes toad's b-hole The Honey Hunters of Nepal Bee getting punched in the face by a flower Tapir "climbing" a tree With special guest comedian and Nerdificent co-host Ify Nwadiwe.

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Komodo dragon venom 2. Bees are angered by the color red 3. Unihemispheric slow wave sleep 5. Lionesses synchronize their "periods" estrus 6. Immortal jellyfish 7. Scallop eyeballs 8. Horse mustaches!!! Bornean bearded pig The mystery of wombat cube poop, solved? The truth behind Mothman, The Chupacabra, and Bigfoot!

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With special guest Tess Lynch of the Night Call podcast. Mothman 2. Sandhill crane 3. Barred owl 4. Owls or aliens? Owl without feathers artistic rendering 6. Do those legs go owl the way up 7. Vampire bats 8. Giant Gippsland earthworm 9. Giant Gippsland earthworm sounds Gigantopithecus blacki.

Dino Turkey

With special guest Miles Gray. Donate to protect an acre of rainforest 3. Rainforest Trust 4. Defend Indigenous rights and protect the rainforest by donating or signing a pledge 5. Signal boost the Indigenous Women's March 6. Learn more about Indigenous Rights Images of the beautiful animals on this episode! The glass frog 8. A very Kermit looking glass frog 9. Boto river dolphins plus bonus picture of a boto dolphin peeing Bald Uakari monkey looking red-headed and pink-faced Adorable hyacinth macaw interview. With special guest Laci Mosley. Chinstrap penguin stealing rocks 2.

Gelada male 3. Firefly femme fatale 4.

The Notzuchitokage: Mystery Lizards of Japan | Mysterious Universe

Hawk moth caterpillar mimics viper 5. Passion flower mimicry 6.

15 Bizarre Recently Discovered Creatures

Automimicry 7. Conformity elevator experiment 8. Jumping spider ant mimics 9. Jumping spider mimicking one ant carrying another this is ONE spider. Why do we love baby animals?

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Do baby animals love us? What are some of the cutest studies in science? With special guest Bridgett Greenberg.

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Peak-a-boo researcher 2. Sea turtle swim suits 3. Cutest age for a dog study 4. Sea lion puppy covered in sand 5. Prehensile Tailed Porcupine "talking" 6.

Bizarre Encounters with Lizard Men

Image of Prehensile Tailed Porcupine's boopable snoot 7. Daily Herald cuteness article 8. Hamster wheel study 9. Mosha the elephant gets a prosthetic leg Rampaging elephant stops to save baby Selfie quokkas Image of Quokka Dik Dik alarm call Shy Dumbo Octopus Birb bounces golf ball. Join us today as we talk about the history and stories behind mythological creatures, and find out that they have real-life animal counterparts who are just as magical. With special guest Alex Shifman.

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Bombardier Beetles 2. Warsaw Basilisk 3.