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What You Will Robust variations on vigorous, gigue-like tune. Broken-chord and broken-octave passages, both hands. Farnaby is essentially a miniaturist, a composer of ingenuity and good humor. Twenty-five of the fifty known pieces by Farnaby. I — Selected Pieces, Vol.

Arthur Rubinstein discography - WikiVisually

Giles Farnaby 's Dreame Short, lyric. His Rest Short, easy, quiet. His Humour Four short sections, good natured, simple. Some unusual chromatics.

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Mai Sims Two phrases varied with brilliant passages. Tell mee Daphne Expressive, flowing. Three short sections. Pavan Noble, ample melodic qualities, moderate motion. Three large sections. Rosa Solis Three light, brisk variations on a sturdy popular time. Requires facility in passage playing. Wooddy-Cock Elaborate set of six variations. Requires facility and finger independence.

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FVB, Vol. Tower Hill Also attributed to Thomas Tomkins. Short, brisk variations on two square folk-song phrases. Some of the pieces possess a weight and density of texture that seem 10 The Earlier Keyboard Music incompatible with the tiny instrument for which they were written. His pavans and galliards are among the most touchingly noble statements in early keyboard music.

They are large, ample pieces in the traditional pavan arrangement; three phrases each treated to florid variation.

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At least one set of folk-song variations The Woods soe Wilde approaches an impressionist idiom, and the short pieces are full of a direct, unaffected manner of musical speech, easily accessible and thoroughly rewarding. The fancies fantasies are, in reality, free fugal pieces inclined to an organ-like style.

In addition to the general anthologies of English virginal music, the following edition devoted exclusively to the works of Gibbons may be recommended; Complete Keyboard Works Margaret H. Fifty-two pieces in five books: Vol. I — Masks and Dances Vol. Ill- Pavans and Galliards Vols. IV and V — Fancies Bright, forthright tune. Two phrases, each varied.

I Folk-dance tune, short, brilliant variations. Fast passages, both hands. In Parth enla. Reprints in Complete Works. Unusual set of nine variations on a modal tune. Great variety of treatment; flowing counterpoint, running figuration, drone basses, short gigue, imitative figures. Drowsy, impressionist sonorities. Complete Works, Vol. Companion pieces; the Pavin noble, stately, the Galliard with florid variations. Requires discerning musicianship. Ill; EKM Vol. Florid, melodic variations. Complete Wor ks, Vol. Bold, brilliant. Requires dexterity and sensitivity.

Works Vol. Flowing counter- point. Co mplete Works. Preludium in G Major Short running etude -like piece. In Parthenia : Complete Works. IV; EKM. Variety of textures. Not easy. FVB Selections. The Primerose Dance tune. Two phrases, briskly varied. Vigorous, rhythmic, great variety of keyboard figures.

Short, vigorous, dancelike.

For Children (Hyperion Audio CD)

Unusual and characteristic in quality. Bouncing dance tune. Also attributed to Giles Farnaby.

Heitor Villa-Lobos: A Prole do Bebê [The Baby’s Family], No. 2 (Piano: Sonia Rubinsky)

In Thirty Virginal Pieces. Later English Composers Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries K the English Virginalists bequeathed a music truly national in style it must be said that the keyboard legacy of Purcell and his contemporaries does not exhibit similar traits. By the middle of the seventeenth century the English keyboard composers are writing suites or lessons, as they were sometimes called, or simple imr elated dance movements in French style. Occasionally there are toccatas or, later on, sonatas in the Italian style. They are published by Augener available through Broude Bros. These sonatas are mostly three movements, using binary suite structures. Sonata No.

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  8. The style has a bluff, direct quality not without a certain harmonic gaucherie. Contemporaries of Purcell Fuller -Maitland , J. Chester, Vols. I and H are devoted exclusively to keyboard pieces of Blow. Old English Composers E. Pauer , Augener through Broude Bros. IV is devoted exclusively to Blow. Some pieces are reprinted in Early Keyboard Music.

    Schirmer, Ground in G Major Seven variations on a five -bar ground. Variety of problems in imitative counterpoint and passage playing. I Fifteen sections on a four-bar set of ground harmonies. Robust section in major, rapid passages, quiet ending. VoL I Short, 6tude style. Elaborate set of variations on fourteen -bar theme.